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Archive of posts filed under the Acoustics category.

The Drummer Next Door

Hi Joshua, I am a professional touring musician (drummer). I recently purchased a house in Round Rock. I have been sound checking and playing for the last few weeks. All I can find on the laws here online is that between the hours of 7am and 10:30 pm “reasonable noise levels are acceptable” in residential [...]

The Music Venue Assistance Program and Noise Mitigation Case Study

Item 14 of February 2nd’s City Council meeting was discussion and approval of a resolution to change the name of the existing Music Venue Relocation Program to the Music Venue Assistance Program, and to provide $40,000 from the Downtown Development Fund for a music venue noise mitigation case study.  The action items in the resolution are [...]

Decibel Flavors Part 1 – L Values

“Decibel,” by itself, is not a unit of loudness. The type of decibels needs to defined. This is the first of a two articles explaining what “decibels” means. It covers Leq, Lmax, Lmin, and statistical Ln values.

Shady Grove Teaches Us The Importance of Distance When Measuring Sound

By observing the area around Shady Grove, we learn the importance of distance from a sound source and why the noise ordinance needs to be receiver based.

What Is A Decibel?

The first goal of this site is to provide (hopefully) good explanations of acoustical concepts in a community noise. In this post I will try to explain the most basic concepts of measuring sound, since that is where people typically go wrong. A good grasp of the following terms are vitally important to being able [...]