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The Comprehensive City Plan Should Have a Noise Element

The new Austin Comprehensive City Plan, now under development, currently lacks a noise element. As a leader in environmental issues, Austin should include a noise element in its comprehensive plan.

Comprehensive Plan Open House, October 12

The open house for the in-development Austin Comprehensive Plan is this Columbus day, October 12th.  Between 3:00 to 8:00 at the Austin Convention Center, Ballroom B. This will be an opportunity for the public to start to get involved in the development of the new plan.  After this, there will be a series of workshops [...]

Comprehensive Plan Draft Participation Plan available

The process of developing the City Plan is still in early stages. The plan itself isn’t yet being crafted, but the methodology that will be used to do so will be. I intend to pay close attention to the process because I believe very strongly that the new City Plan should have a Noise Element.

Review of the Live Music Task Force Overview and Recommendations from an Acoustician’s Point of View

I should have started this blog one year earlier, as the LMTF presented their findings and recommendations back in November. Nevertheless, it can’t do any harm to share my thoughts on the Live Music Task Force Report. From an acoustics standpoint, the most important section in the report is Sound Enforcement & Control Subcommittee Recommendations. [...]