Latest Change to Noise Ordinance is Not Equitable

The latest change to the noise ordinance restricts sound coming from watercraft to being inaudible at 100 feet. This requirement is nearly impossible to satisfy. It is also written for the benefit of a specific set of homeowners. This ordinance is inequitable, serves a specific special interest, and transfers an undue burden of decision making to the police force.

New Railroad Quiet Zones Possibly Coming Next Summer

Quiet zones are an excellent compromise between safety and community livability. The cost of installing sufficient safety equipment is typically small, in city budget terms. Communities that are organized enough to submit applications and who have the money to make the necessary improvements see substantial increases in the quality of lives of people who live within half a mile of a crossing.

Getting Up to Speed – Relevant Reading

Here is a collection of interesting articles and blog entries that can help catch you up on Austin noise issues if you’re just tuning in. From Austin Contrarian July 28, 2009 – Stacking the deck July 12, 2009 – Shady Grove needs a parking variance June 18, 2009 – Update and clarification on the music …

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Review of the Live Music Task Force Overview and Recommendations from an Acoustician’s Point of View

I should have started this blog one year earlier, as the LMTF presented their findings and recommendations back in November. Nevertheless, it can’t do any harm to share my thoughts on the Live Music Task Force Report. From an acoustics standpoint, the most important section in the report is Sound Enforcement & Control Subcommittee Recommendations. …

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Things that are wrong with the Austin Noise Ordinance

Despite undergoing frequent revision due to changing political pressures, the Austin Noise Ordinance is still poorly written. The very fundamental aspects of the ordinance are flawed, written by people attempting to adopt portions of ordinances from other jurisdictions without totally understanding the differences in terms which sound similar but are actually quite different. Here’s what’s …

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